New homes and employment space for Waltham Chase


Illustrative sketch of how the development could look

We are bringing forward plans for new homes and employment space on the existing Morgans Yard site, on land east of Winchester Road.

Morgans Yard is currently home to separate car, van and motorhome dealerships, a former petrol station and garage, large storage area for vehicles, and several light industrial uses. The brownfield site has been allocated by Winchester City Council in the Local Plan for a mixed-use development to meet growing housing needs for Waltham Chase, and respond to changing commercial needs.

The redevelopment proposals include 98 new homes, including a variety of housing types and affordable homes, public open space and new planting throughout the site, along with enhanced commercial space to continue to provide local employment opportunities to support the economy.

This website provides you with the details of our proposals, answers to frequently asked questions and invites you to share your feedback with us.

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Our proposals

Our vision is to create a sustainable and attractive addition to Waltham Chase providing a mixed-use community of replacement employment and new homes, whilst encouraging connectivity with the core village services.

The proposals include:

  • Approximately 98 high quality new homes, including a number of housing types and tenures with affordable homes
  • Approximately 7,500 square foot of flexible commercial space to provide local employment opportunities, including potential to re-house some of the existing businesses on site, along with associated car parking and a dedicated access via Winchester Road
  • Vehicular access from Solomon Lane for residential development and Winchester Road for the commercial development
  • Pedestrian and cycle points around the site, including a link to St John the Baptist School, along with the other village services
  • Areas of informal open space including a central green and children’s play area, along with landscaping and new planting to provide ecological enhancements for the site


Illustrative masterplan

Illustrative masterplan
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Sustainability Principles

The proposal seeks to deliver a sustainable development through a range of sustainability principles as follows:



A proportion of the affordable homes will be made available to M4(3) Building Regulations standards.

Connected Homes

Connected Homes

FTTP Broadband will be provided to all homes. Each home will be SkyQ ready without wiring modification.



The new homes will be designed for residents to work at home, having sufficient space and facilities and being equipped with suitable outlets that will enable the occupants to have data access and necessary power supplies to the standards previously set within the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Low and zero carbon technologies

Low and zero carbon technologies

The new homes will be built to reduce the demand and consumption of energy through the orientation of windows, use of efficient lighting, high efficiency white goods, use of shower waste heat recovery systems and exceeding minimum U-Values required in Building Regulations by enhancing insulation and using high rated double glazed windows.

Our aim is to be carbon zero and we will increase energy efficiency throughout the scheme with the incorporation of low carbon technologies such as intelligent heating controls, ultra-high efficiency gas boilers, biofuel boilers or air sourced heating, induction hobs and electric cookers and the potential use of PV’s or solar tiles - where orientation and levels allow.

Water Efficiency

Water Efficiency

Each home will incorporate water efficiency fixtures and fittings to ensure a water efficiency of a maximum of 105 litres/person/day.

Domestic waste and recycling

Domestic waste and recycling

Each home will have fixed units within the kitchen to store recyclable waste.



To slow down the surface water run-off rates and reduce the risk of flooding elsewhere, a SuDS strategy will be employed using swales and storage tanks to attenuate surface water flow.

Open Space

Open Space

The development has been carefully designed to ensure the layout creates attractive areas of open space for new residents to enjoy.



The layout has been designed to ensure a residential environment that puts occupant’s safety at the forefront and will create a high quality environment for the long term.

Landscape, Ecology and Biodiversity Gain

Landscape, Ecology and Biodiversity Gain

The enhancement of ecology is a key feature of the proposals which includes the retention and enhancement of quality existing trees and hedgerows within open spaces and careful consideration of species that promote increased biodiversity.

The creation of public open spaces, including a new pond, will encourage varying wildlife species to establish and the landscape planting will be carefully selected to attract pollinating insects. Features such as Bat and Bird boxes, Bee Bricks and Hedgehog Highways have been incorporated across the site.

The central green area will link to the existing SSSI area to the north, encouraging wildlife to establish throughout the development.

treet Lighting

Street Lighting

A lighting strategy has been developed which minimises light pollution and provides the minimum level of lighting required for security and amenity purposes. The strategy will minimise the potential pollution from glare and spillage, with particular consideration of the impact on adjoining residential development and wildlife.

Sustainable Transport

Sustainable Transport

Each home will have access to an electric charging point (either private or communal) via a safe pedestrian route.

Cycle storage space will be provided for every home. For apartments cycle storage would be provided in communal storage rooms and for houses would be located in either garages or garden cycle stores. Secure cycle storage provision will further encourage their ownership and use.

The commercial use will also have a mix of secure long-stay and covered short-stay cycle parking.

The site is located within close proximity to local facilities, services and Waltham Chase village centre. The scheme encourages cycling and walking through the provision of additional links for these modes.

The site will be supported with the production of a Travel Plan. This will monitor travel associated with the site as well as promote sustainable travel opportunities to future residents from first occupation to five years following occupation.



Selection of suppliers based on their environmental and sustainability credentials.

Use of ‘A’ rated materials as assessed using the BRE Green Guide to Specification for Buildings wherever possible

Use of timber, the source of which is certified by FSC / PEFC or an equivalent approved certification body where practical.

Use of insulation materials with zero ozone depletion potential.

Stringent waste minimisation through on site segregation of waste streams, use of onsite waste management plant such as cardboard compactors/concrete crushers etc and selection of disposal suppliers with 90%+ recycling target.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Incorporation of solar panels or tiles where viable and identification of renewable energy sources for future occupiers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the tabs below to read answers to frequently asked questions, which includes technical plans and illustrative sketches of the site and the proposals.

Where is the site located?

Morgans Yard is located in Waltham Chase, close to the village centre. The site is to the north of Solomons Lane and to the east of Winchester Road, as shown on the site location plan.

Site location plan

What is the site allocated for and what does this mean?

Winchester City Council has allocated the brownfield site for mixed-use development to include around 100 new homes, commercial employment space and provision to extent St John the Baptist School. The Council therefore considers the Morgans Yard as suitable for mixed-use development, which would help the area meet local housing and employment needs.

Hampshire County Council, as education authority, have subsequently confirmed that St.John the Baptist Primary School do not require provision of additional capacity. The proposals have evolved to take this, and the Local Plan policy requirements, into account and would bring forward 98 new homes and approximately 7,500 square foot of commercial space.

What will the homes look like?

The new homes would be designed in a traditional style to complement existing homes and the setting of Waltham Chase. The layout has been designed to include a number of character areas to provide variation and character through the development, with areas towards Solomon Road featuring traditional Victorian brickwork homes and a more rural feel towards to northern edge of the site with materials including timber and tile.

A plan to show the character areas and an illustrative sketch to show how the homes could look are shown below.

Character Diagram

Street View

What type of employment space will be included?

The proposals include around 7,500 square foot of commercial units to provide new opportunities for local businesses, and potentially re-housing some of the existing business on site.

The proposed location and layout of the employment space is shown on the illustrative layout here.

What are the technical considerations for the site and how have these been taken into account?

The proposed layout has been carefully designed to take the results of technical surveys and assessments into account.

The constraints that have been considered through the process includes the existing site use and possible contamination of land as a result of this use, the nearby Waltham Chase Meadows SSSI and incorporation of existing trees and hedgerows along the site boundaries, and significant high-quality trees within the site.

Awareness of these constraints has allowed us to develop a layout which integrates well within the landscape, offers ecological improvements and a positive development for Waltham Chase.

How will the drainage of the site be managed?

To slow down the surface water run-off rates and reduce the risk of flooding elsewhere, a SuDS strategy will be employed using swales and storage tanks to attenuate surface water flow.

Where would the access be?

The employment space would have a dedicated access direct from Winchester Road. The proposals include a separate point of access from Solomon Lane for the new homes.

The proposed connectivity of the site is shown on the plan here. Click to enlarge.

Connectivity Diagram

Have local roads been assessed?

Our proposals have been informed by a number of technical assessments to consider elements such as local roads, which demonstrate that the proposals would not have a detrimental impact on the highway network. Further details will be included in a Transport Assessment which will be submitted for the Council’s consideration as part of the planning application.

Are there any plans for open space?

The proposals have been sensitively designed to include planting, retention of existing hedgerows and trees and areas of informal open space towards the north of the site to protect views towards Waltham Chase Meadows.

Will the existing trees be retained?

The proposed layout has been designed to incorporate the good quality existing trees and hedgerows, including the retention of a high quality and significant oak trees towards the north of the site which would be a feature within the new communal green.

Will there be any contributions towards local services and facilities?

Subject to planning permission, a number of financial contributions would be agreed towards local services and facilities through payment of Community Infrastructure Levy of around £690,000, and potentially a Section 106 Agreement.

When will you be submitting a planning application?

Following the consultation deadline, we will collate all feedback received. Once we have finalised our plans for the site we will submit a reserved matters planning application to Winchester City Council who will undertake their own consultation on the application.

When would construction start on site?

Subject to planning approval, construction would commence early next year.

Have your say

We are keen to hear your feedback on our proposals and any comments received will be considered before we finalise our application.

We would be grateful if you could provide any comments you have in the box below.

Please ensure that all comments reach us by 3 September 2021.

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